Saturday, October 13, 2018

Ragnarok Skull Mask (Fortnite)

Ragnarok is the name of one of the outfits in Fortnite Battle Royale. This costume is unlocked at Tier 100 (max tier) of the paid Season 5 Battle Pass. Ragnarok comes bundled with the Frozen Shroud back bling which you can use with this or a different outfit. Unlike the Carbide and Omega outfits introduced in Season 4, unlocking new styles for the Drift and Ragnarok skins can still be accomplished after Season 5 ends.

About the Model:
Height: 45.3cm
Width: 37.2cm
Depth: 38.3cm
Difficulty: 6/10
Number of Pages: 17
Number of Parts: 77

Build order: I have no idea, ask SuperRetroBro :D
Notes: The picture and video are from the amazing SuperRetroBro. Thanks for building! Pdf files for the model with both gray and blue horns are included.


  1. it can be used? I need it for a cosplay

  2. Good morning, I am located in Medellin Colombia, can you sell me the model for peparkura

  3. this looks really good!