Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Alolan Sandshrew (Pokemon)

In the Alola region, Sandshrew migrated to snowy mountains due to the volcanic activity near the desert areas. Its body is a light, icy blue and with a cream-colored belly and muzzle. Its head now resembles an igloo. Thicker plates form a dome around its head and its ears resemble an igloo's entrances. In adapting to this cold climate, its body became larger and heavier with a shell of ice covering its hide. The steel-like covering grants it extra defense, but it is unable to curl into a ball like its desert counterpart. Alolan Sandshrew's claws allow it to move without slipping on icy surfaces, but it slides on its stomach when it needs to move quickly.

About the Model:
Height: 25cm
Width: 20.6cm
Depth: 35.3cm
Number of Pages: 10
Number of Parts: 63

Build Order: Muzzle, eyes, top of the head, ears, rest of the head, arms, belly, legs, back, tail.

Notes: Pdo files (without textures) are included.

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