Monday, May 22, 2017

Alolan Raichu (Pokemon)

In Alola, Raichu has lighter coloring and more rounded features. Its eyes are blue with yellow half-circles along the bottom. It has large yellow ears with an inner spiral toward the base and brown on the inside. These ears are thicker and less pointed than a standard Raichu's ear. In addition to its white belly, Alolan Raichu has white markings on its paws with bright yellow lines between its digits. The stripes on its back have also turned white, and there is a small, white circular marking on each heel. The lightning bolt-shaped tip of its tail has rounded edges. By collecting its psychic power in its tail, it is able to ride it like a surfboard and float in the air. While its cheek sacs are still used to store electricity, rubbing them releases a sweet aroma. This is also thought to be connected to its psychic abilities. Raichu's transformation in Alola into Alolan Raichu is a mystery, but the natives suppose that maybe it ate too many sweet, fluffy pancakes.

About the Model:
Height: 40cm
Width: 40.1cm
Depth: 19.9cm
Number of Pages: 11
Number of Parts: 64

Build Order: Head, ears, arms, body, legs, tail.
Notes: Pdo files (without textures) are included.


  1. is Shelmet a Planned release

  2. This is amazing, can you guys upload litten please

    1. There were plans for the Alola starters, but they haven't been made due to a lack of free time and projects that need to be finished before them

  3. Oh there are some floating auround, retrobro did the litten amongst other starters, I thought it was created by you, either way your work is amazing, I appreciate everything