Saturday, September 15, 2018

Drift's Mask (Fortnite)

The Drift is the name of one of the legendary male skin outfits for the game Fortnite Battle Royale. Outfits change the appearance of the player, but do not have any added function or benefit except for aesthetical. The Drift is one of the few outfits that feature unlockable styles.

About the Model:
Height: 33.9cm
Width: 23.1cm
Depth: 13.8cm
Difficulty: 3/10
Number of Pages: 7
Number of Parts: 29

Build order: I have no idea, ask SuperRetroBro :D
Notes: The picture and video are from the amazing SuperRetroBro. Thanks for building!


  1. it can be used? I need it for a cosplay

    1. The download link is in the description, under the number od parts. It can be used for cosplays

    2. Can you make the Ragnarok helmet skull

    3. How do you figure out which piece is which

    4. Can you make the wild card mask

    5. Halloween costume

  2. When you print it out will it be colored in already?

  3. lol i need this for halloween

  4. the video doesn't show some parts like the black piece on page 6 that is bad make sure to pay attention to this

    1. Oh wow, it's a disaster. I should get the whole thing taken down because of an awfully inconvenient and not at all obvious missing part due to a very major human mistake.

      I think it's perfectly obvious where the part goes even without it being explicitly shown. You can see after which part and before which part it was inserted, so I don't see what the problem is.

      It is not "BAD", there is a whole video included, and a PDO file which shows you which part goes where as soon as you click it. Don't like it? Don't build it, simple as that, you don't lose anything if you don't.

  5. Actually I also wanted to order some templates from you. So how to. I have created my own channel. So I uploded my first video fortnite drift's mask papercraft. Please reply

  6. What kind of paper do you use for this mask???

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