Monday, May 15, 2017

Drilbur (Pokemon)

Drilbur has a short, wide body with two small, ovoid feet with three toes each. Its body is mostly black, but has a jagged, navy blue stripe that runs diagonally around its torso from its left shoulder. It is connected at the bottom to another stripe, which extends around the base of its torso. It has a white face with a long snout, tipped by its pink nose. Its eyes are at the base of its nose on either side. Drilbur's arms are wide and thin with a blue spot on its palms. It lacks traditional hands, as its arms form directly into its three, extremely large claws. It has a very small, stubby tail. Drilbur can straighten its body and align its claws forward, allowing it to spin like a drill and dig through the ground. It is able to dig at speeds of up to 30 mph (50 km/h). As seen in both the manga and the anime, Drilbur has no issues being around humans, and can be very friendly.

About the Model:
Height: 13cm / 25cm
Width: 21.1cm / 40.6cm
Depth: 9.5cm / 18.4cm
Number of Pages: 3 / 7
Number of Parts: 35 / 36

Build Order: Snout, mouth, head, claws, arms, body, tail, feet.

Notes: Pdo files (with textures) are included.


  1. is Excadrill going to be released

    1. Possibly, but I have other releases lined up before that