Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Joker [Batman: Arkham City]

One of Batman's oldest enemies and arch-nemesis throughout his crime-fighting career, The Joker is responsible for some of the most horrendous and tragic moments in Batman's life, culminating in an extremely long and brutal battle where there seems to be no end in sight. An insanely homicidal super-villain with no powers beyond his capacity for incredible violence and creating deadly mayhem, the Joker's white skin, green hair, blood-red lips, and purple suit belie the chaotic nature underlying his colorful appearance. 

About the Model:
Height: 45cm / 30cm
Width: 20.1cm / 13.4cm
Depth: 11.3cm / 7.5cm
Difficulty: N/A
Number of Pages: 8 / 4
Number of Parts: 101
Download A4 ONLY 45cm version / 30cm version

Instructions: N/A

Notes: The testbuild was done by Fabrizio Gonçalves; The 30cm version has some really small parts, but it's buildable. I still recommend the 45cm version.

Happy crafting!


  1. what would you recommend to connect the head to the neck part?

    1. I recommend using tweezers for all smaller parts

    2. I meant the fact that the head doesn't have an attaching part to the torso, it was kind of a bowl thing, I ended up stuffing the head with toilet paper and gluing it on that way

    3. I misunderstood. You could have just put some glue on the edge of the paper and put the neck in position for a few seconds.

  2. Replies
    1. Sorry. The password is private. Nobody but me knows it

  3. do you have a tutorial to connect every pieces together pleas

    1. No, I'm sorry. You should try pepakura viewer, it's very helpful!