Thursday, January 24, 2013


Yoshi (sometimes specified as Green Yoshi) is one of the heroes of the Mushroom World and an ally of Mario and Luigi. He is a member of the Yoshi species and has aided his brethren in saving their homeland on multiple occasions. Yoshi has also saved other kingdoms from the villain Bowser as well. In his youth, Yoshi managed to rescue and protect Baby Mario and Baby Luigi from the wrath of Kamek and the Koopa Troop. According to Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Yoshi is the only one of his species who can speak the language of the other characters. However, in later games, he doesn't speak the language (as shown in Mario Superstar Baseball and Mario Super Sluggers). This is contradicted once again, in Super Mario Galaxy 2, when Yoshi speaks in perfect English. Yoshi made his very first appearance, game-wise, in the Super Mario World level, Yoshi's Island 2. The roles he plays in the series vary from game to game.

About the Model:
Height: 30cm
Width: 14.7cm
Depth: 24.9cm
Difficulty: 4/10
Number of Pages: 10
Number of Parts: 55
Download A4 only

Build order: Follow the Numbers.... nose, eyes, head, arms,body,legs (don't close them),shell,tail,close the feet.
 Notes: If the package is corrupt, redownload it.


  1. I would like to get the password for .pdo file to complete the yoshi, excellent job by the way

    1. Hello Sab,

      Can i get the password for the PDO file too?

    2. Nobody is getting the passwords to any pdo files. Those are private

  2. where and how do i glue on part 17? i am kind of stuck right now..

  3. do you have any instructions? if so can you tell them to me.

  4. im supose to dont close eyes , nose and head ? or i just dont close the result of hem like a full head with nose and eyes . no one have full instruction ?

  5. Instructions is in .PDO! Download Pepakura viewer to open it.

  6. hi, is it possible to have the password please?
    i would like to modify the size

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  8. Before this used to be an awesome place to get PDO's from not eery link is just spam, malware and shit. What happened to your trustworhtyness Sabi?!

    1. Links are still there, I still don't attach any viruses or malware to my downloads.

      I use adfly to reduce printing costs for myself, so ads do show, but what you as an individual see is out of my control.