Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year Special Pt.1 - Briar Rose

Princess Aurora is a fictional character and the title character from Disney's 1959 animated film Sleeping Beauty. The Disney version of the character was based on the French version of the tale by Charles Perrault, written in 1634 in Histoires ou Contes du Temps Passé. She is also known as Briar Rose which is the title of the German version by the Brothers Grimm. Aurora was first voiced by Mary Costa in the 1959 film. Erin Torpey took over in the sequels and was later replaced by Jennifer Hale. Aurora is the third member of the Disney Princess line.

About the Model:
Height: 62cm
Width: 32.7cm
Depth: 29.9cm
Difficulty: 6/10
Number of Pages: 18
Number of Parts: 11
Download A4 only
Instructions. Start at the bottom of her hair, and make it upwards toward the headband. after the headband, build the curls on her forehead, and build the face after that. Finish the head by building the sideburns. The rest is pretty straightforward. Build the neck, arms, body, skirt, skirt inside (make sure to add something really stiff inside), and finish with the feet.

Notes: This is part 1 of my new year special. Expect part 2 either midnight or tomorrow morning.


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  1. Thanks for your design and happy new year!

    I shared this paper craft at my collection blog: Sleeping Beauty - Princess Aurora Free Doll Papercraft