Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Special - Delibird

Delibird is a red penguin-like Pokémon with a sack-like tail in which it stores presents, among other things. It has a patch of fluffy feathers on its chest that resembles a beard, and snowflake-like crests on its head. It also has a white bellybutton-like mark on its stomach. It has a white face with black rings around its eyes. Its beak and feet are light yellow. It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon. 

About the Model:
Height: 19.5cm
Width: 14.8cm
Depth: 20.14cm
Difficulty: 4/10
Number of Pages: 5
Number of Parts: 49
Download A4 / Letter

Instructions : Start Delibird by building the top of the head. Then do the snowflake antlers and then to the face from top down, adding the beak in the process. Build the beard,arms,body,button,close it with the feet. The present is optional, but add the tail to finish the model.

Notes : The Present can be opened, put something inside (just a note).


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  1. Thanks for your design!

    I shared this paper craft at my collection blog: Pokemon - Delibird Free Papercraft