Sunday, December 25, 2011

Tanooki Mario

Tanooki Mario is a form of Mario or Luigi first appearing in Super Mario Bros. 3. The Mario Bros. use a Tanooki costume with a tail, that allow them to fly or attack spinning.

About the model:

Height: 30cm (A4) , 28cm (Letter)
Width: 16cm (A4) , 15cm (Letter)
Depth: 20.4cm (A4) , 19.1cm (Letter)
Number of Pages: 11
Number of Parts: 67
Difficulty: 5/10
Download A4 / Letter
Instructions: Start at the nose, and finish the face. Work you way up from the forehead, adding the ears in the process. Then finish the head by building the rest of the cap. The rest of the model is pretty straightforward. Add The arms to the first part of the body. The arms might be a bit difficult. The legs are easy, and adding them to the body is simple as well. Finish the model by adding the tail to the body.