Friday, July 22, 2011


Squirtle is a light blue turtle with its most notable feature being the hard shell on its back. This shell forms and hardens on its back after birth. It could perhaps be distantly related to some other turtle-like Pokémon, such as Torkoal and Turtwig, but Squirtle seems to only be closely related to its evolutions.Squirtle's shell is an extremely helpful defensive tool. It can withdraw into the shell to block physical attacks. Its smooth, hard shell and head also aid it in other ways, such as minimizing its resistance in water to increase its swimming speed, and allowing it to launch attacks like Rapid Spin and Skull Bash.Squirtle is a natural-born swimmer. However, due to its size, it's easier for it to transport something small (like a Pikachu) than to carry its Trainer.Its jaws may not look like much, but they are strong enough that a Squirtle can learn to use a Bite attack.Squirtle's tail seems to resemble that of a Squirrel's tail, which allows it to use moves such as Tail Whip and Aqua. It evolves into Wartortle starting at level 16, who evolves into Blastoise starting at level 36.

About the model:

Height: 13cm
Depth: 13.5cm
Difficulty: 5/10
Number of Pages: 4
Number of Parts: 52
Download Squitle

Notes: The glasses are in the PDF. There are no glasses in the PDO, just to show them. The testbuilder is Dodoman75. Thanks for building.

Instructions: start at the head build your way down, build the arms fingers to shoulders attach as soon as you can, build father down build the tail from tip to the body, attach just before closing. Close at the bottem of the feet


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