Sunday, February 20, 2011


Reuniclus's pale-colored inner body is encapsulated within a blob of a translucent, green gel-like substance. Inside the substance, its large, rounded head, with a striation down the length of it, is visible, as well as its torso and stubby feet. There are tapered, pale partitions of the inner part of its body, not connected to the other parts of the inner body and seemingly "floating" in the gel simulacrum; the way it forms around the portions give the impression of Reuniclus possessing horns or ears. There are several protrusions of the body off the main blob of the substance, forming arm-like appendages sporting three "fingers" at the tips and a curving feature of the gel below Reuniclus's waist. Within the arm-like extensions are several rounded portions, of which, like Reuniclus's "ears", seem to be "floating", with the farthermost shapes, colored yellow and then red, being most spherical.

About the model:
Height: 15.2cm
Width: 35cm
Depth: 7.2cm
Difficulty: 7/10
Number of Parts: 56
Number of Pages: 5
Download Reuniclus

Notes: Lots of parts, close at the back of the Hands. Start at the face and work your way around


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