Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Pokabu is a pig-like Pokémon, primarily orange in coloration with the additional colors of black, pink, and yellow on various portions of its body. It has large, ovular eyes, an archetypically piglike ruddy-pink nose, and a thick stripe of yellow over its snout. Much of its face has black coloration, and its ears, long and oblong, are positioned closely together on the top of its head. Pokabu has short legs, with the extremities of its forefeet being black in coloration. There is a band of black on its lower back and rear, from which extends its coiled tail, topped with a ruddy-red bauble-like adornment. Pokabu evolves into Chaoboo starting at level 17, which evolves into Enbuoh starting at level 36.

About the model:
Height: 14cm
Width: 18.4cm
Depth: 5.4cm
Pages: 2
Parts: 23
Difficulty: 5/10
Download Pokabu

Notes: The model is quite easy, except for the tail, which is kinda hard to build

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