Monday, November 15, 2010


Gigiaru resembles three gears, with six cogs on the smaller two and eight cogs on the bigger one, interlocking. The cogs of the smaller gears are a light gray, while their central regions are much darker. The cogs of the bigger gear are a medium gray and its central region is also darker. Its left eye is a simple "O", while its right eye is very wide with a black pupil and a white cornea. It has a round green nose and a small mouth that is held wide open. It evolves from Giaru starting at level 38, and evolves into Gigigiaru starting at level 49.

About the Model:
Hieght: 16.5 cm (big gear)
Width: 16.7cm
Depth: 5.2cm
Number of Pages: 3
Numper of Parts: 17
Difficulty: 2/10
Download Gigiaru

Notes: Every gear is a seperate object.

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